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40213 Düsseldorf Germany
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45897 Gelsenkirchen Germany
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Welt Kugel


Consulting and improvements
for structures and methods
in the process industry


Keeping sight of your goals:

Your workflow, processes and approach today must become increasingly more effective, cost-efficient and agile. This is where we want to support you: together, our experts analyse how to improve your processes, making them more efficient.

As your partner, we guarantee an objective and impartial approach. Together with your teams and in close cooperation with the decision-makers in your company, we provide clarification in terms of maxing out potential and opportunity.

We will develop the right solutions to put you in a measurably improved position, leaving you more flexible to take on future changes. By combining an analytical approach with a collaboration of all the companies' stakeholders, we ensure that changes have the backing of all involved. This way, you can create more room for growth.

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 Experience where it counts:
our approach


We understand our role as that of a catalyst that activates the potential in your processes. Using experience and expertise from over 300 projects and turnarounds, our experts analyse your specific requirements in detail to find tailor-made solutions for growth and improvement.



Our References

Stable and long-term partnerships form the basis of our success: for decades, we have accompanied our clients worldwide, empowering them to be ahead of their time.

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Achieving more together:
Our services in detail


After a systematic joint analysis, you can decide if you want to improve your methods and processes, unlocking a higher efficiency in your organisation. We will be by your side with winning concepts and their execution.



Consulting with strategy, systems and methods

You want to improve your projects, assess costs, performance and feasibility of your plans or develop a strategy?

Then make use of our extensive experience as a valuable partner in the process industry. Let us together provide clarity towards your ideas and the amount work needed to realise them.

We will gladly present you with additional services based on your needs.

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Consulting in individual areas

Our experts will consult you on specific questions and topics. We analyse potential and risk to deliver specialised concepts that we develop with you together or from the outside.

We implement the resulting methods and processes and guide you through all stages of their implementation. This helps you make your organisation ready for the future.

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Change Management

Change is based on innovation. Our experts guide you through the planning and execution of your projects. We will examine and improve on existing concepts or develop tailor-made soutions for you.

Early communication enables the execution of those measures, making sure to include all involved participants of your company, thus giving your stakeholders the assurance that their needs are met. Our experience, intuition and thorough communication ensures that all parties involved recognize and welcome change with open arms.

We will gladly present you with additional services based on your needs.

Introducing digital processes for engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance

The right tool or software can make all the difference: raising effectiveness and efficiency, speeding up processes, making them transparent and lowering costs. However, it is important to consider whether the new tools are compatible with current systems, the needs of all involved have been considered and whether the continuity of the current workflow and safety of the data remains uncompromised. Our experts help you find the right answers.

t starts with identifying your goals and chosing the right tools to achieve them. We support you not only with proven and tried software solutions, but also with our own tool, AlphaDocs. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of planning and preparing for complex maintenance projects and the documentation of technical plants. Together, we ensure that future solutions meet your specific technical, economical and lega requirements.

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Training courses and workshops

Your employees are your most important ressource. We help you retain and forster this ressource. Our practice-oriented workshops and courses further existing knowledge and make your companies' know-how quantifiable, retrievable and open to all employees.

Our training concepts have been developed by expert in education and industrie, adapted to meet the needs of today. They begin at the participants' current level of knowledge, thus providing just the right challenge. This leads to a high rate of approval with both you and your employees.

Make use of our experience from countless tried and tested courses and workshops to advance your teams and specialists. Relevant, goal-oriented and with a practice-oriented approach. 


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Employing Professionals and Experts

Whenever a situation arises that demands a specific know-how and additional expertise, our experts are there for you. They incorporate extensive knowledge and experience from countless projects and turnaround in the process industry to support you with purpose and competence.

Our experts have only one thing in mind: you success. Whether together with your employees, in a team, as a specialist for specific tasks or in the form of personell leasing.

We will gladly present you with additional services based on your needs.

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Recruiting and placements

You want to fill existing positions or are looking for new professionals? Only the best candidate is up for the task?

Then make use of our extensive network with industry professionals around the world. Our recruiters analyse your needs, approach suitable candidates, make preliminary selections and guide you through the decision making process. We make sure that you find the right combination of knowledge and personality.